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Other major sites

There are so many places in Normandy that are great to discover, even if just on the way through, that it is impossible to list them all. Here are a just few :



The Mont-Saint-Michel

Quite simply unique, awesome, spectacular, stunning... There is little I enjoy more than helping visitors discover this wonderful site. About a 1½- hour drive from Bayeux.





The postcard Norman castle perched on its rock, dominating the town and the area which saw such heavy fighting in the last, dénouement phase of the Battle of Normandy.





Fascinating and charming, this wonderful old port on the estuary of the Seine river is a great place to hang out, with its waterfront cafés and restaurants, its links to the Impressionists...




Le Havre

Often overlooked as a destination, Le Havre is a major port and a fascinating town to visit, not least for its post-war reconstruction architecture (including the amazing St. Joseph's church) and its exceptional Museum of Modern Art.




Tucked into the Upper Normady white-cliff Alabaster coast, Etretat is a lovely seaside village with spectacular cliff formations either side of its pebble beach. A favourite with the Impressionists, and for obvous reasons.




A major city, and indeed port, on the Seine river on the way to Paris, Rouen is incredibly rich in history and medieval architecture, with its cathedral so often painted by Monet, its half-timbered houses, Joan of Arc...



And there is so much more... The Impressionists, the cider and Calvados apple-brandy, the cheeses... Let's put our heads together, there's an itinerary for every taste !


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