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The Landing Beaches themselves

The American Sector


The most westerly of the beaches. The airborne landings in the hedgerows around the market town of Sainte-Mère-Eglise; and Utah beach itself, with its dunes, fortifications and monuments.



The spectacular Pointe du Hoc site, where the Rangers scaled the cliffs on D-Day to attack the German gun battery.

"Bloody Omaha" beach itself, the site of such decisive and deadly combat, and its bunkers and monuments.

Overlooking the beach is the quite literally awesome American Cemetery. Not to be missed.


The British and Canadian Sector



Gold beach (where my Dad landed !) and Arromanches with the vestiges of its extaordinary artificial Mulberry harbour.




The central of the three British sector beaches, it was on here that the Canadians landed on D-Day and where today we find different bunkers, monuments and the excellent Juno Beach Center.



The most easterly of the beaches, 10 miles north of Caen. Flanked by the river Orne and the famous Pegasus Bridge, today the site of one of the best museums along the coast.



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